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Book of Mirrors- entry 1 [Oct. 16th, 2006|07:14 pm]
I am extremely worried.

Worrying, I am used too. I worry about my darling daughter all the time, may the ancestors bless her where ever she may be. And I worry about that fool Jack all the time too in spite of myself. He's competant but always getting into a fix, one that I'm not sure he can get out of this time (He owe's his soul to that irreprssable sore, Davy).
        But wondering, I am not used to, questioning without answers is not somthing that I can adjust too; and now I am quite possibly up against the most powerful force I have ever met. One that has placed a deceased captain, who is controled by apples spirits have abandoned in his pocket, at my house.
This magic seems so familar. It's aura is comforting, and yet strangly disturbing. It's a sense I can't even begin to describe. I know that the creator of this potion is a companion from years past, because bend-over oil is brown.
Only my recipe had a purple tint.
But who would I share such a secret with?
I wish my past could return to me more quickly, things unfold with bits and peices at this point.Being a priestess, my ability to see things is only as good as my spirits and ancestors abilities themselves, and whether I've come up against a force with power beyond my own.
Or there is there somthing these spirits do not want me to know? Which means that they do not trust my ability to use my information wisely.
Things are just falling apart.

I wish for my lovley Ana to come home.

((I know I'm blending wicca with hatian vodoo here with the book of mirrors- sue me))